Background Summary


The following is an executive summary of the documented story of Harmon Wilfred and his continuing battle with the most powerful political forces in the Untied States of America.  Based upon the legal principles of Information and Belief and the Preponderance of Evidence provided in this web site, the factual basis of this incredible story is hereby confirmed for presentation before the global community and any and all legal / governmental authorities for consideration. 

Harmon's story is one that begins and ends with the agony and ecstasy of family relationships. Harmon admits that he has not been the most successful person in the world in dealing with the issues of family and marriage, and if the truth be known, his failures have certainly outweighed his successes with two failed marriages that have cost him and his children much more than most could ever expect or endure.  This documentary begins with Harmon’s marriage to Sandra Allen and the arrival of their son, Tyler Jonathon Wilfred on January 9, 1988.

Sandra and Son Tyler Jonathon

  • Harmon and Sandra Wilfred adopted a baby boy and named him Tyler Jonathon Wilfred on January  9, 1988.
  • In February of 1989 after 6 years of marriage, Sandra filed for separation and divorce due to what Harmon believes was extreme financial pressures placed on his business and their marriage by the devastating real estate and oil crash in Denver, Colorado.  Bankruptcy loomed.

The First Divorce Judgment, Sandra

  • Harmon dearly loved his wife and family and therefore resisted the divorce for over two years.
  • Harmon’s attorney died just before the divorce trial.  He was refused a continuance to prepare another attorney.  Due process was denied and he was then ordered to defend himself ("Pro Se") despite the State of Colorado illegally disallowing Pro Se defense in hotly contested divorce cases.
  • The divorce finally proceeded, but Harmon refused to participate due to lack of representation and by then had endured multiple violations of his constitutional rights. His side of the case has never been heard in court. 
  • Despite lack of representation or credible evidence, hugely unfair terms of property and custody were ordered against him by Judge Joyce Steinhardt who also voided his parental rights due to his constitutional stand.
  • With no professional testimony to support her final judgment, even after examination by a psychologist and a psychiatrist who found Harmon to be perfectly normal, Judge Steinhardt declared Harmon “dangerous to himself and the public at large”, and thereby disallowed him any contact or even knowledge of his son, subject to his submitting to at least one year of psychiatric care. 
  • Despite personal bankruptcy and with the evidence of a professional audit proving  that he was broke, the judge determined that he “must have money hidden somewhere” and thereby left him with a judgment in favour of Sandra of USD $500,000 and child support and maintenance of USD $5,500 per month.  

Divorce Appeal Action


As a result of this gross miscarriage of Family Court Justice, and without the financial means to retain an attorney, Harmon represented himself (Pro Se) in an attempt to appeal the case and get the judgment thrown out and his rights restored.  When the case was out right dismissed at the State Supreme Court, he then filed suit Pro Se in the US Federal District  Court for the restoration of his rights.  The Federal Judge dismissed the case on the grounds that the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction to restore civil or constitutional rights violated in any US State family court.  In other words, any family court in the US can carte blanc violate the civil and constitutional rights of US citizens, and the only redress available is to return to the court that committed the violation to attempt restoration.  This became the foundation of Harmon's now 17 year family court nightmare.


Property / Resolution Trust Corporation Class Action    

  • During the late 1980’s nationwide US property debacle, Harmon fought a number of battles involving the foreclosures of his commercial properties.
  • Such mass foreclosures brought about large scale failures of the majority of US savings and loan organizations that precipitated a forced takeover by the government to ensure and preserve the public savings.
  • The US Congress created a separate Agency/Corporation called The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) chartered to take over the failed savings and loans and sell off the bad loans / properties at “market rates”.
  • In the midst of the RTC’s negligent, illegal and unethical dealings with Harmon on his properties, he discovered a scam where the RTC was actually fraudulently selling off these loans / properties at 10 cents on the dollar to questionable shell corporations that were instantly making 300 to 500 percent profit and more.
  • Harmon joined forces with the Denver Post investigator, Steve Wilmsen assigned to cover the RTC’s activities.  Their discoveries led to Harmon filing a 30 billion dollar Pro Se class action suit against the RTC and their buyers on behalf of all US Tax Payers for moneys deliberately lost to what turned out to be shell corporations with connections back to the very Congress that created the RTC as a Puerto Rican Corporation.
  • This also turned out to be what Harmon called the “never revealed pattern” he believes was used by the Clinton’s in the Whitewater scam. 
  • After months of legal positioning in Washington DC and Denver, and after appearing on CBS as the David and Goliath Story and National Business Radio Network on their weekly program, "Scams Across America", the suit was dismissed due to technical errors in the filing.
  • The Judge left the case open as a suit involving the civil rights of all U.S. tax payers without limitation of time, subject to correcting the errors and the entry of an experienced class action suit attorney. 
  • Harmon had no further funds to pay expensive attorneys, so he moved on to support his new family. The suit is still available to be re-opened.

Dearna and Children, Danielle Marie and Isaac Arthur


While still under the cloud of onerous financial requirements and the pressing circumstances of his divorce, and after several failed attempts to redress the original judgment, Harmon met and fell in love with Dearna Garcia, a young woman from his church, whom he married in December of 1990. They subsequently had two children, Danielle now aged 15, and Isaac now 13 years of age.


Pension Fund Embezzlement  

  • In the early 90’s, Harmon and Dearna Wilfred moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to start a new life.
  • Harmon was employed by contractors supporting the renovation and sale of commercial properties owned by the El Paso County Pension Fund. He provided consulting services for construction management, property management, and brokerage of their recently purchased distressed commercial properties. 
  • In the process of leasing, restoring, and selling these properties on behalf of the Fund, Harmon discovered that these properties were not only part of the same RTC package that involved his previous class action suit, but that county pension fund monies were being skimmed, literally millions of dollars were being embezzled under the watch of Fund Administrator, Michael Witty and his contracting partners.  Harmon first reported this information to what he ultimately discovered was a corrupt District Attorney's Office under DA John Suthers, who was later shown to be involved in the deliberate cover up of the embezzlement scheme. 
  • As the Fund was also partially funded by the Federal government, Harmon reported these indiscretions to the FBI.
  • This forced the DA’s hand to name Fund Administrator Witty in the embezzlement scheme, which resulted in the firing of the County Treasurer and certain Fund board members and imprisonment of the Administrator Witty for 18 years. 
  • Several hundred thousand dollars of the monies stolen were retrieved with the additional millions remaining outstanding and the contracting partners left at large by Suthers "justice" system.
  • Thereafter, Harmon continued to present evidence as to where the rest of the money went and who was involved, to no avail.
  • Without realizing it, Harmon had stepped on the age old Republican Southern Colorado “Good Old Boys Network” and made an arch enemy of John Suthers, the most powerful District Attorney in Colorado. 
  • After Suthers' lost an election  bid for Colorado State Attorney General in 1998 he was made head of the Colorado prison system by Republican Governor Bill Owens.  In January,  2000 he was advanced to the position of US Federal Attorney for Colorado by Republican President GW Bush and  In 2004 he stepped down from this position when "assigned" the normally elected position of State Attorney General Of Colorado in December 2004, by then Colorado Governor Bill Owens .

International Finance and the CIA

  • In 1996 Harmon’s career took a necessary turn away from the local economy toward international finance (as he was now the local “Good Old Boys” business enemy number one!).
  • The onerous divorce settlement and the ever accumulating back child support that he now could never achieve with his local income, he began looking into the larger opportunities available through international finance to catch up on his family court obligations. 
  • After some high level introductions to two European Financial Trusts and international banks such as Credit Suisse and the Bank of Lichtenstein, as well as introductions to certain members of the US CIA with contracts for work in hand, Harmon began his new career.

The John Suthers / US Justice Department / CIA Connection

In the process of his new international business activities in 1996, Harmon made contact with a CIA operative and former Navy Seal, Michael Austin.  After Mike confirmed  that Harmon was rated with a Top Secret security clearance during his 4 years of US military service, he was recruited by the CIA to assist in an international transaction involving billions of dollars in bank notes issued in the 1960’s by the Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo Japan on behalf of governments in Central America.  These notes had been assigned to the CIA for transacting covertly. 

  • Because the coupons of these instruments were said to be covertly used by the CIA and Colonel Oliver North in the financing of the Iran Contra arms deals for Central America, the Mitsubishi Bank only agreed to go forward and reconfirm the instruments if all were completed covertly.
  • The first and smallest of eleven notes to be transacted was on behalf of Guatemala, with an approximate value of 6 billion US Dollars. 
  •  During the time of this transaction, upon discovering Dearna had begun to abuse the children in his absence on business, Harmon reported the abuse to the authorities and obtained an agreement with social services and his attorney as condition for Dearna to remain in the home with the children.
  • The agreement required that he hire a nanny to be at home with Danielle and Isaac during his absence, and Dearna was to attend regular counseling. Two seemingly unrelated facts then emerged simultaneously that eventually led to Harmon’s second divorce, his forced exile from his country, and a complete estrangement from his two children for the last 7 years and also his son Tyler now for 14 years. 
  • When Harmon discovered that Dearna had fired their nanny, never attended counseling, and renewed her abusive behavior toward the children, he was forced to file for divorce and take possession of the children.  The divorce was filed in El Paso County, Colorado; the same county where his arch enemy, DA John Suthers had full "unofficial" authority over the courts and the police system
  • Upon Harmon's information and belief, he is convinced, when DA Suthers found out that Harmon's divorce was within his jurisdiction, he arranged for his long standing family friend, Judge Kane, to be assigned to the case and promote groundless custody related criminal charges against him in order to justify an international extradition and have him and the children picked up while on business in Canada.  Suthers arranged for a quick and illegal extradition under false charges through his contacts in the US Justice Department. Of course he would have to be delighted to find out through Harmon’s files that were confiscated upon his arrest by the Canadian police, that he had interrupted a multi-billon dollar covert CIA deal in the process.

These facts started a cascading effect that resulted in the children being taken from Harmon under the authority of the International Hague Commission, and shockingly returned to continued child abuse under Dearna's parental authority.   This was followed by Harmon being imprisoned in an underground maximum security prison in Canada for 120 days awaiting extradition on 'custody' related charges. 

  • The CIA then began to threaten Harmon's life if he revealed anything of the Mitsubishi bank note deal in progress. 
  • After some further investigation by Harmon’s Canadian counterparts and CIA connections, he discovered that Bill Clinton and the CIA were in this deal for personal remuneration and as much as two thirds of the proceeds would go into the personal pockets of certain politicians and government agents. 
  • Because the Canadian Court required it, Harmon did indeed reveal portions of the bank deal.
  • Subsequently, the Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo Japan contacted the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and declared the note fraudulent. 
  • In the mean time the SEC investigation reported that they had conveniently “lost the note”
  • Harmon's CIA contacts thereafter confirmed that the note was not lost, but covertly converted to 15 billion dollars in US Treasury bills and the transaction was completed. 
  • Guatemala purportedly received its 5 billion dollar contract amount and the 10 billion dollar balance was said to be left in President Bill Clinton's control for disbursement.   
  • Needless to say, Harmon remained in jail and was never paid his contractor’s fee.

Second Divorce Judgment


During this time Dearna’s divorce attorney, John Ciccolella, assisted by Suthers and his then Assistant DA, Jeanne Smith, successfully completed another unprecedented and unrepresented Colorado divorce trial while Harmon was in prison in Canada.

  • Again with no evidence to support the final judgment and with the previous divorce judgment from 7 years earlier having been accessed and utilized, the same financial and restraint permanent orders were set down, thereby removing Harmon’s rights as a father to have any contact or any interaction whatsoever with Danielle and Isaac. 
  • Understanding that Suthers and the El Paso County Court system had literally returned his children to child abuse to punish him for having blown the whistle, Harmon made numerous unsuccessful attempts at returning to Colorado to get the bogus custody related criminal charges dismissed and restore his parental rights. 
  • Every attempt was diverted by other charges that were subsequently dismissed, even to the point of having to endure 3 weeks in a maximum Security Federal Prison, then when that case was dismissed accompanied by an order from a federal judge to release him immediately, Federal Marshals illegally dumped him for an additional 4 days into the Denver City Jail, (“The Killing Fields”) under a no charge and no bail order. This was another clear violation of the International Hague Commission Treaty between Canada and the US. 
  • This blunder precipitated in a forced sealing of the case by a US Federal Judge to avoid an international diplomatic incident.
  • To this day, Harmon has no criminal convictions against his name.



Government Corruption!!   Office of the US President et al.

Harmon and his new Canadian wife Carolyn have contacted and/or written to every Congressman, Senator and other Colorado and US agency that could be relevant to this case. They even wrote to the Office of Congressional Affairs, the Office of the President of the United States and the First Lady  to report the corruption and make every effort to ensure the safety of Harmon’s children. It is unbelievable that every attempt at communication with the authorities was to no avail.

With President Bill Clinton’s involvement in the Mitsubishi bank note transaction, and the note having been declared fraudulent by the SEC in the later part of 1999, a meeting between Harmon and President Clinton’s attorney Gregory Craig was arranged in Toronto, Canada in November of 1999.  At that time Harmon provided Craig with his evidence of the authenticity of the Mitsubishi bank note transaction.  As President Clinton was also benefiting from the deal that in fact was now being used by El Paso County, Colorado DA John Suthers to further manipulate Harmon’s family court troubles, Harmon felt it appropriate to request assistance directly from the President, for his children’s sake. 

Gregory Craig’s response to the facts presented was pretty straightforward.  He said, (and I quote with some paraphrase), “Of course the Mitsubishi  bank note deal was real and of course the US Government is corrupt.  It has always been this way and that’s just the way it is.  What do you want me to do Harmon, get them all fired”?    And then he laughed and said   “The best thing you can do for you and your children is to make peace with your government”.   Craig also supported the threat that came out of the El Paso County District Attorney's Office under John Suthers authority,   "If you take this information to the US Justice Department they will ignore it and you will never see your children again."   Carolyn was present at this meeting and witness to this conversation.

In order to follow Gregory Craig’s advice, Harmon made numerous attempts at returning to Colorado to get Suthers' bogus criminal related custody charges dismissed. In his final attempt in 2000, as mentioned earlier, the Colorado State and the Federal Government even went to the extent of breaching the International Hague Commission Treaty.  These breaches involved multiple violations of Harmon's civil rights where a Federal Judge was forced to seal the file to avoid the US the embarrassment of a diplomatic incident.  It was at this point that Harmon finally gave up trying to "make peace with his government". 


In spite of Gregory Craig's warning, Harmon presented his evidence of Suthers' deliberate and illegal manipulation of the Colorado family court system and the CIA/Clinton connection with the alleged fraudulent Mitsubishi bank note transaction to the US Justice Department late in 2000. Subsequently, the USJD did indeed ignore Harmon's documented submission of the truth, and in spite of the report and clear evidence to the USJD and the Office of the Congressional Affairs of John Suthers' corrupt administration in Colorado, Suthers was subsequently approved by Congress and appointed as US Federal Attorney for the State of Colorado by George W. Bush in March of 2001.

With the Federal charges dropped and the case sealed in Colorado, in order to avoid further harassment from the US, or the Canadian authorities, Harmon and Carolyn left their home in Canada in the summer of 2001 and have been living peacefully in New Zealand since their arrival in August of 2001.  Carolyn has faithfully supported her husband through this entire ordeal.  Without her help Harmon would certainly be at the very least in prison in the USA or at worst, having faced the cold blooded retribution of the CIA.  Currently Harmon is literally exiled from North America and is unable to see his children or his 85 year old mother. Since their arrival in New Zealand Harmon and Carolyn are continuing to do everything they can to restore Harmon's relationship with his children and expose the massive political corruption in Colorado and the Federal Government of the United States of America.  In January 2004 John Suthers was handed the position of Colorado State Attorney General by his friend Governor Bill Owens.  This is the same elected position that Suthers' lost in the election of 1998.  This is government of the people?  What possible chance can Harmon have now for justice in Colorado? 

Soon after Harmon and Carolyn's arrival in New Zealand, in April, 2002, Harmon was employed by Carolyn's Family Trust to make and oversee investments on behalf of her estate.  From that point forward, he has dedicated his entire income toward child support and the restoration of his relationship with his children.  From April 2002 to present, he has borrowed money and contributed his entire income totaling $203, 119.75 US dollars toward the support of his three children.   In October 2004, upon his request for the renewal of his US passport at the American Consulate in New Zealand,  Harmon was informed that his passport had been red flagged and must be held by order of the US State Department until he pays in excess of one million US dollars in additional child support and spousal maintenance. He was also told if he returns to North America to sort these issues out in Family Court, he will be arrested immediately he lands and be extradited to El Paso County, Colorado for no doubt what will be further violations of his civil rights.  Should he attempt to return once again to the US for any reason relevant to his children or otherwise, Harmon knows instinctively he will not survive.   He has not seen or had any news of his son Tyler Jon for over 16 years, and the same with Danielle and Isaac for over 9 years.  This certainly adds relevance to Gregory Craig's confirmation, ".... you will never see your children again".  All this is from the "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" 



                                                      LEGAL RECOURSE

With the overwhelming preponderance of evidence hereby presented and upon information and belief, the alleged international political conspiracy surrounding the case and circumstances of Harmon Wilfred comprised within this web site are the factual basis for at least 3 Class Action Complaints to be filed on behalf of all families abused in the family courts and at the hands of the local, state and federal governments of the United States of America, Canada and the International Hague Commission.  Such Complaints are justified for multiple civil rights violations, the obtaining of legal recourse for civil rights violations through the US and Canadian Federal Courts and for direct government participation in the fraud and theft of global assets.  These "above the law " and negligent acts of the local, state and federal law enforcement and justice systems of United States of America, Canada and the International Hague Commission, necessitates the recognition and creation of a higher and more just global venue to adjudicate these Complaints and to provide the essential oversight thereafter of checks and balances to the traditional law enforcement, legal, justice, and political institutions throughout the world. Such a venue is now available under the name, "THE WORLD WIDE WEB COURT OF PUBLIC JUSTICE"