Case History Outline


The following Case History Outline is a composite of the outline contained in the Case History, Section 1,  PDF letter to attorney Bill Moffitt dated July 8, 2000 with the exception that this outline is brought forward to the present day and is made available outside of the PDF version to facilitate web search:


Case History / Presentation Outline


¨      1988- Commercial Real Estate Developer, Broker, Property Manager and Contractor in Colorado since 1981. (See personal resume through January, 1997)

Ø      Commercial real estate market collapse in 1987-89

Ø      Placed all real estate partnerships in bankruptcy in the summer of 1988 due to multiple foreclosures.

Ø      Filed personal bankruptcy pro se in summer of 1989.




¨      1989- Divorce Case #89 DR 47, Sandra Wilfred vs Harmon Wilfred


Ø      Married Sandra Ann Wilfred, August 8, 1982

Ø      Resided Littleton, Colorado in Arapahoe County.

Ø      Divorce filed by wife, Sandra in Feb, 1989. concluded, July, 1990

Ø      One adopted child, Tyler Jonathon Wilfred, born December 31, 1987

Ø      Wife Sandra legally challenged the bankruptcy.

Ø      Bankruptcy audited by independent accounting firm to determine veracity of financial position.  No wrong doing found.  In spite of the result of the audit, discharge denied 1990.

Ø      Court denied any contact whatsoever with child. Order still in effect.

Ø      My civil rights were and continue to be grossly violated during and after these proceedings.

Ø      Sandra conspired to commit fraud and theft with former business partner, Thomas Jones by fraudulently converting an Infant Care Centre owned by me into her name and sold for cash to purchase new business.




¨      1990- October.  Filed suit pro se in US Federal District Court against 18th Judicial District and Judge Joyce Steinhardt for multiple civil rights violations.


Ø      See copy of suit and attached transcript.

Ø      Civil Rights Violations and offences included Denial Of Transcripts, Denial of Due Process, Violation of Federal Bankruptcy Rules, Breaking and Entering, Illegal Search and Seizure, Violation of Attorney Client Privilege and Violation of Religious Freedom.

Ø      Suit dismissed on the grounds that civil rights violated in a family court cannot be addressed at the federal level.  Can only be addressed in the court where violated.



Ø     The continued existence of this case, unchallenged, provides the foundation for all past and current legal difficulties in the custody and criminal arenas at the State and Federal levels.



¨      1990- December 11. Married Dearna Garcia Wilfred



¨      1991- Summer.  Due to extreme financial hardship, forced to vacate home in Littleton, Colorado and lived with relatives and friends while seeking employment for a period of approximately 18 months.


¨      1991- Fall. Sued personally by the Resolution Trust Corporation for loan amount of $3,200,000 due to foreclosure on a commercial building owned by former partnership.  Property foreclosed on as a part of this proceeding.


Ø      Brought purchaser to RTC for $1,500,000.  RTC refused to consider any offers and sold the loan for $500,000 in a $100,000,000 package of loans to a New York State company named 3M Greco.

Ø      3M Greco completed the foreclosure and closed on a sale of the property the day after receiving title for $1,500,000.



¨      1992- October 16.  Class Action Suit Filed pro se against RTC, 3M Greco and others, in United States District Court Civil Action File Number 92-2042 for defrauding the US taxpayers for in excess of 30 billion dollars.


Ø      Collaboration with Denver Post business writer, Steve Wilmsen

Ø      30 Billion Dollar Suit filed pro se

Ø      Dismissed with opportunity to return with attorney on board

Ø      Front page article, business section, Denver Post

Ø      TV appearance, CBS

Ø      Radio appearances, local, KVOR, Colorado Springs and national, Business Radio Network, “Scams across America”(68 stations nationally).




¨      1993- January. Relocated family from friend and associate, Phil Freytag’s home in Canon City, Colorado to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Received financial assistance loan from Mr. Freytag in order to accomplish this move.



¨      1993-1995- Employed by contractor of El Paso County Pension Fund.


¨      1994-1995- Challenged Pension Fund and contractors as to embezzlement.


Ø      Discovered that the Pension Fund purchased the properties I was servicing through the RTC from 3M Greco through the same transaction and activity that was referenced as the primary evidence and subject of the class action suit for fraud that I had filed against the RTC and 3M Greco in October of 1992.

Ø      While working as contractor providing construction services, discovered evidence of embezzlement of funds.  Provided evidence first to the Pension Fund administrator, Mr. Michael Witty, then the local DA, John Suthers and ultimately, due to the lack of response, provided the evidence to the FBI.

Ø      See Gregory Craig Summary, Pension Fund Investigation / Time Line and Events Section 6


¨      1995, Summer.  Filed suit pro se against the El Paso County Pension Fund and its’ contractors and Michael Witty for non-payment of an entire year of compensation owed. Case No. 95 CV 0721.


¨      1996- January 30.  Forced into legal settlement with Pension Fund, contractors and Witty.  See Gregory Craig Summary, Affidavit (Rough Draft), Exhibit E.


¨      1996- June. In my capacity as Manager of Arcore International Funding, L.L.C., I was introduced by telephone to Ms. Marilyn Perry, Trustee of Bay State Trust, an international financial trust located in Boca Raton, Florida. This introduction was made by and on behalf of a business associate out of Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. Michael Austin.  Mr. Austin is a former Navy Seal and CIA operative well connected in international financial circles. 



¨      1996- July. Travelled to Zurich, Switzerland by invitation to meet with Ms. Perry for personal introductions to certain international banking contacts.

Ø      Introduced to bank officers and representatives at Credit Swiss Bank.

Ø      Contracted as intermediary for Guatemalan Mitsubishi Note sale on behalf of the CIA and the country of Guatemala. 

Ø      Commenced activity as intermediary for Guatemalan Funding.

Ø      Mitsubishi Note was transferred to Bay State Trust during a subsequent meeting with CIA operatives in Miami, Florida and thereafter the note was examined, authenticated and prepared for sale.  CIA operatives and holders of the note, Agents William Rozzelli, Jorge Bryson and others provided for the transfer of the ownership records and supporting documents.

Ø      Provision for Arcore expenses and my personal expenses and overhead during this transaction were made through personal loans and contracted loan / investment contributions by my friend and business associate Mr. Collin Finn through his company and personal investment contacts in Colorado.




¨      1997- February.  I was recommended to attorney John Ciccolella by my business associate, Collin Finn, and his girlfriend Kathryn Large to resolve my past and then present marital difficulties. 


Ø      I had two conversations with Mr. CiccoIella’s office. In these consultations we discussed in considerable detail my custody case and divorce judgement involving my ex-wife, Sandra Wilfred, as well as the difficulties with my then current marriage with Dearna Wilfred involving her abusive behaviour towards our two children.

Ø      Mr. Ciccolella recommended that I provide additional details regarding both the previous and current family issues, and upon his review, he would contact me with his proposal for legal representation. The initial conversations included consultation with regard to family law, divorce, custody, property and civil rights issues.

Ø      Mr. Ciccolella reviewed the information and agreed to take the case upon his receiving a retainer of $5,000.  I informed him that as I did not have the $5,000, I could not proceed.



¨      1997- April.  Retained family attorney, Seymour Wheelock to evaluate the current marriage situation as it relates to my wife Dearna’s child abuse.

Ø      Filed a report of abuse as per his direction with Social Services and removed Dearna from the home.

Ø      Worked out an agreement with Dearna in co-operation with Social Services to require Dearna to seek counselling and hire a full time nanny to assist her and monitor her behaviour toward the children while I was at work during the day and travelling on business.



¨      1997- June.  Travelled to Florida on business to meet with Ms. Perry of Bay State Trust and examine Guatemalan project packages to be financed by the sale of the note. (See Gregory Craig Summary, for attached Guatemalan Funding Summary)


¨      1997-  July.  Travelled to Ontario, Canada by direction of Bay State Trust to review additional projects to be financed through Mr. Donald Gillmore.



¨      1997- September 30.  Filed for divorce by direction of my attorney, Mr. Wheelock, due primarily to Dearna firing the nanny in my absence and her continued and repeated incidences of physical and emotional abuse toward me and the children. Case # 97DR 3393.


Ø      There were two children at the time of the divorce filing, Danielle, 5 (born October 16, 1991) and Isaac, 3 (Born December 6, 1993). Danielle and Isaac are now 8 and 6 respectively.

Ø      October 10, 97-  Served the divorce and retrieved the children under advice of counsel, Seymour Wheelock. (See Gregory Craig summary, Urgent Request For Legal Assistance, Section 6)

Ø      Followed advice of counsel, when available, for the period of October 97 through February, 98. Unbeknown to me during this time, Mr. Wheelock had been admitted to a mental institution for psychiatric care for a period of approximately three months.




¨      1997-  October 14.  Attorney, John Ciccolella is retained by Dearna Wilfred to represent her in the divorce case, in spite of his clear conflict as a result of our meetings about the case the previous February.

Ø      October 16, 97.  An emergency temporary orders hearing is called for October 17, 97.  The hearing took place without notification to me. 

Ø      During the October 17, 97 Temporary Orders hearing, Mr. Ciccolella presented evidence against me through information obtained in our February 97 consultations in order to justify not hearing any of the witnesses present regarding maternal child abuse.  With this information and ridiculous allegations of kidnapping and international fraud, he managed to obtain temporary custody for Dearna.

Ø      Mr. Ciccolella participated in filing charges against me with the El Paso County DA for violation of a custody order and extortion.

Ø      Thereafter Mr. Ciccolella continued to perjure himself by misconstruing evidence previously provided to him by me and misrepresenting the facts of the case to support Dearna’s right to custody.  Please see the attached transcripts for the hearings dated October 17, 1997, April 17, 1998 and September 14, 1998.  Also see the attached document referencing “Ciccolella’s Perjury”

Ø      Mr. Ciccolella was challenged in the summer of 1999 by written notification of his conflict through counsel, Lance Sears.  As he continued to ignore this notice, a Motion to Disqualify Law Office of John Ciccolella was filed on January 6, 2000.

Ø      Mr. Ciccolella withdrew from the case as counsel for Dearna Wilfred in January, 2000.




¨      1998- February 14.  Arrested in Canada and held for extradition for violation of a custody order and extortion.  The children were forcibly returned to their abusive mother in Colorado by the El Paso county DA. The extortion charge came about as a direct result of Mr. Ciccolella’s deliberate report and misrepresentation to the DA of a property and custody mediation attempt by a professional mediator and family friend, Mr. Phillip Freytag.


Ø      Confidential documents were confiscated on the Guatemalan funding as a result of the arrest.

Ø      Upon discovery of the magnitude of the Guatemalan Funding, the Canadian Court required $600,000 surety bond for bail release.

Ø      Released after 125 days of incarceration.

Ø      I was denied contact and any report on my children’s welfare or whereabouts until the first telephone communication was ordered and carried out on June 10, 2000.

Ø      See Gregory Craig summary, Urgent Request For Legal Assistance, for further details (section 6).




¨      1998- March 4.  Business Partner, Donald Gillmore and my friend, Carolyn Dare commenced an international correspondence campaign to notify appropriate government agencies of the urgent need to protect my children from the Colorado State condoned abuse of my two children.


Ø      March 4, 1998. Letter, package, and affidavits (evidence of maternal child abuse) to the Central Authority for the Hague Commission

Ø      March 5, 1998. Letter, package and affidavits (evidence of maternal child abuse) to American Embassy , Canada.

Ø      March 11, 1998 Letter, package and affidavits (evidence of maternal child abuse) to El Paso County Colorado Social Services.




¨      1998- May 12.  Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is issued in Dearna divorce.



¨      1998- June 2.  Committed to extradition by Canadian Justice System.

Ø      The commitment to extradition was primarily based upon the last minute misrepresented and false information presented to the Canadian Court by the El Paso County DA that Mr. Phillip Freytag had been arrested as my accomplice for conspiracy to commit extortion.

Ø      Mr. Freytag was actually charged as a co-conspirator of extortion three weeks after the June 2, 1998 extradition hearing. The charge was thereafter dropped by the DA without a hearing for “insufficient evidence” and the records were sealed by the Court.


¨      1998- July 6.   Released from incarceration.  Attorney Alan Gold successfully provides for approval of extradition appeal. Canadian Immigration Enforcement prohibits employment in Canada during extradition proceedings.


¨      1998- July 98 through January 99.  Maximum effort on preparation for appeal hearing and/or dismissal of Colorado charges through discovery and presentation of fresh evidence to the Canadian Appeal Court.



¨      1998- August 2.  Married Carolyn Dare in Stratford, Ontario, Canada


¨      1998- September.  Alan Gold’s office contacted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission requesting my co-operation in an investigation regarding the Mitsubishi Note sale.


Ø      Meeting held in Toronto on August 6, 1998 at Mr. Gold’s office.  SEC representatives were Ms. Rebecca Meriwether and Mr. John L. Hunt.

Ø      SEC announced their co-operation with the El Paso County DA on possible further charges relating to the Mitsubishi note sale via DA solicited complaints of Collin Finn’s investor/lenders.

Ø      Attempts to exchange information were thwarted by the SEC representatives.

Ø      The SEC filed suit against the principals of the transaction and declared the note fraudulent.  As an intermediary, I was never sued or charged as a result of the SEC investigation.

Ø      Further attempts by telephone and in writing to provide information and request a further investigation of the Mitsubishi note transaction on behalf of Arcore’s investor lenders were ignored by the SEC.




¨      1999- February 1.  Re-commenced international correspondence campaign for US legal assistance and report on the welfare of my children through my wife, Carolyn with my assistance.


Ø      February 1, 1999.  Letter and package to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Ø      February 2, 1999. Letter, package and affidavits (evidence of maternal child abuse) to the First Lady, Hillary Clinton.

Ø      February 2, 1999.  Copy of Clinton Package with urgent request of assistance to American Embassy, Central Authority of the Hague Commission, Colorado US Senators Allard and Campbell, Colorado US Congressmen / women,  McInnis, Schaffer, Degette, Udall and Tancredo, Washington Post, Denver Post, Rock Mountain News and the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Ø      February 9, 1999.  Letter from US Embassy, Canada with referral to The Office of Children’s Issues, US Department of State.

Ø      February 17, 1999.  Letter and package to Mr. Steven Sena, US Office of Children’s Issues, Washington DC.  Referred to Mr. John Kelley, Director of Colorado Department of Health and Human Services. Contacted with no initial response.

Ø      February 25, 1999.  Letter and package to Colorado Governor Bill Owens with copy to State Attorney General Ken Salazar.

Ø      February 26, 1999.  Reply from Advocacy Department, Office of the Governor advising us that they would have the State Attorney General’s office look into the allegations of El Paso County political corruption.  In the mean time they referred us back to Mr. Kelley at Health and Human Services.

Ø      March 11, 1999.  Letter and package to Mr. Kelley, Colorado Health and Human Services.  Reply, March 12. 1999.  Refused help.



¨      1999- March 18.  Letter and package sent to Kenneth Starr, US Special Prosecutor regarding President Clinton’s involvement in the Guatemalan Funding.



¨      1999- March 20.  Obtained additional financial support from father-in-law, Carl Dare to retain Colorado counsel to defend criminal and custody cases.


¨      March 22, 1999.  Hired Denver attorney, Dale Parrish as Colorado counsel for criminal and custody representation.  Mr. Parrish hired Lance Sears as co-counsel in Colorado Springs.

Ø      March through July, 1999.  Brought Mr. Parrish current on all criminal and custody issues. Entered Dearna and Sandra custody cases and commenced filing motions for changes to child support and maintenance as well as assignment of Special Advocate and communication.

Ø      Order obtained for mediation in the Sandra case in July, 1999.  Mediation rejected by Sandra.

Ø      Order obtained for placement of Special Advocate and communication with the children on December 10, 1999.  Still no Special Advocate placed and only one interrupted communication accomplished on June 10, 2000.

Ø      July 1999 to the present.  (Please see current counsel for all details not provided herein on progress to date by case number.)




¨      1999-April 16.  Letter and package including Ken Star letter and package and  all Guatemalan Funding evidence as requested by the Canadian Government, sent to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for safe keeping and copied (excluding documented evidence) to the US Office of Congressional Affairs, Congressman Dennis Hastert and Senator Trent Lott.



¨      1999- August 10.  Parrish and Sears meeting with District Attorney, Jeanne Smith and Deputy DA Robert Harward to confront the issues regarding the connection between  the cover up of the Pension Fund embezzlement scheme and the criminal charges in the custody case.



¨      1999- August 11.  Collin Finn’s apartment broken into and searched by the DA.  Criminal investigation announced for possible fraud and theft in the Mitsubishi note transaction.


Ø      Collin Finn and Phillip Freytag, as close business associates, directly assisted me in my original investigation and report to the authorities of the DA’s involvement in the Pension Fund embezzlement cover up.

Ø      All information regarding the Pension Fund embezzlement scheme cover-up confiscated, including Mr. Finn’s computer and related discs and equipment.

Ø      Search warrant based on criminal investigation and allegations of fraud in the Mitsubishi note sale.  Mitsubishi files and evidence, even though in plain site, were not confiscated.

Ø      During the months of August and September, 99 our offers to co-operate with the Mitsu investigation through the provision of all Mitsu documents were ignored by the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office.




¨      1999- October 18.  Meeting is arranged through Mr. Alan Gold with President Clinton’s attorney, Mr. Gregory Craig, to provide possible representation to the US Department of Justice.  Sent case summary and package on October 19, 1999 requesting meeting and assistance.



¨      1999- November 13.  Meeting with Gregory Craig regarding possible US Department of Justice intervention in the Colorado criminal and custody cases.  Discussion subjects:

Ø      Use of my children as pawns to cover up the DA’s involvement in the Pension Fund scandal.

Ø      President Clinton’s involvement in the Mitsubishi note sale / Guatemalan Funding as this relates to the use of my children to extort my silence with regard to the release of any further information on the true status of the transaction.

Ø      Mr. Craig provided assurances of blocking any further investigation of the Mitsubishi note sale / Guatemalan Funding at the federal level by the El Paso County District Attorney.

Ø      Mr. Craig recommended staying away from any further requests for investigation of the Mitsubishi note transaction or the Pension Fund embezzlement issue.  He agreed with the premise provided by Mr. Parrish and his assistant counsel, Mr. Lance Sears, “If you attack or confront John Suthers or the El Paso County DA’s office in any way, especially through the US Prosecutor, you will never see your children again.” Mr. Craig also made it a point to include any further requests for a federal investigation into the Mitsu deal as a part of this warning.

Ø      Mr. Craig agreed that in order to eliminate any further enquiries about the Mitsu deal, the Arcore investor lenders must be paid.  He then asked for the original amounts contributed and took note as I provided this information.

Ø      Mr. Craig agreed to have his firm provide for US Treasury Department authentication of certain 1935 US Gold Bonds presented at the meeting.

Ø      Mr. Craig advised us to concentrate on the criminal and custody issues and requested that we keep him informed of all progress.

Ø      Mr. Craig has since continued to follow the case through regularly submitted written and oral progress reports as requested.

Ø      Mr. Craig invited us to contact him at any time should we require additional assistance.  He also emphasised that this assistance was free of charge.




¨      1999-2000- November through March.  Dale Parrish interviewed witnesses and examined evidence in co-operation with Deputy DA Robert Harward.


Ø      Interviews with Nanny and Social Worker stated unequivocally that they believed “the children were in danger as long as they were alone with Dearna”, yet the DA’s office have continued to do nothing, even though they were responsible for placing them back in this “danger” in February of 1998.


Ø      March 6, 2000.  Mr. Parrish entered his affidavit Status Report into the custody court record providing a number of affirmative defences against the criminal charges.  Based upon this report and evidence presented, a recommendation and submission was made to DA Jeanne Smith by the prosecuting attorney, Robert Harward for dismissal of the charges. The recommendation was denied.




¨      2000- March.  Negotiated deal with El Paso County DA for bail and return to Colorado to submit for dismissal. 


¨      2000- March 3I, Abandoned the Extradition Appeal and was thereafter forced to submit myself into custody in Canada on April 3, 2000 to be extradited by Federal Marshals contrary to the deal made with the Colorado District Attorney.


¨      2000- April 5. Returned to Colorado under the protection of the Extradition Treaty and the Rule of Specialty providing for exclusive prosecution solely for the charges brought into Canada in the original extradition.

Ø      Returned to Colorado in hand cuffs and belly chains accompanied by a Federal Marshal and Colorado Springs Police Officer, Patton Patterson, contrary to the agreement with the DA.  Arrested and incarcerated by the El Paso County DA on April 5, 2000, again, contrary to the agreement.

Ø      Released on $10,000 bail on April 6, 2000 subject to payment of all costs of physical extradition. I was forced to agree to pay for the extradition costs as noted or remain in jail without bail.  Again, contrary to original agreement.

Ø      Next required return to Colorado for hearings in the custody and criminal cases was set for May 11, 2000




¨      2000- April 17.  Terminated the contracts attorney’s Dale Parrish and Lance Sears due to poor performance and their discovered possible direct conflicts in the case:

Ø      John Ciccolella filed a Motion to Disqualify Dale Parrish due to his past legal involvement with my ex-wife’s mother.

Ø      During the course of this case, Lance Sears permitted himself to be retained personally by the El Paso County DA, Jeanne Smith, even though he had full knowledge of her alleged adversarial position with me due to her involvement in the cover-up of the El Paso County Pension Fund embezzlement scheme.


·        April 17.  Retained Colorado Springs attorney Patrick Mika to cover the criminal case and assist in locating new family counsel.


¨      2000-  May 11. Returned to Colorado for hearings.  Arrested upon arrival at the El Paso County Courthouse on Federal charges for non-payment of child support.  Next hearing set in El Paso County for June 30, 2000.

Ø      Incarcerated with a $150,000 cash bond available.  Could not raise the bond, therefore remained incarcerated.

Ø      Retained services of attorney Richard Tegtmeier for representation in the Federal charges as noted above.

Ø      Filed Motion for Dismissal through new federal counsel, Richard Tegtmeier.  Motion was filed on the grounds that the arrest and charges violated the Extradition Treaty.

Ø      Charges dropped May 26, 2000 and court records sealed.




¨      2000-  May 26.  Re-incarcerated in the Denver City Jail by Federal Marshals and held on no bond for 4 days pending delivery to Arapahoe County.

Ø      Released on May 30 as a result of violation of the Extradition Treaty.

Ø      Forced to participate in a bond hearing without counsel present.

Ø      Illegally bonded out for $750,000 under personal recognisance with order to return for Rule 69 financial examination hearing on June 29, 2000.

Ø      June 30 criminal hearing in El Paso County ordered continued by the Court to August 25, 2000.



¨      2000-  June 13.  Retained the services of Washington DC attorney, Mr. William Moffitt, President of the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers. 

Ø      Mr. Moffitt’s assignment is to assist Toronto Attorney, Alan Gold in directing all further efforts in Colorado and bring the political corruption and civil rights violations to the attention of the US Department of Justice.


¨      2000-  June 29.  By the direction of Bill Moffitt, Richard Tegtmeier filed a Motion to Vacate Rule 69 Hearing on the grounds of violation of the Extradition Treaty.  Motion supported and granted by the Colorado Court Judge.


¨      2000-  August - December.  Retained Colorado Attorney Robert Watson assisted by former prosecutor William Aspinwall (Phil Fretag’s former attorney)

Ø      Watson and Aspinwall abandon the case due to Harmon’s request for continuance and motions to disqualify DA and change of venue

Ø      Harmon refuses to return to Colorado for any further hearings



¨      2000- 2001  October – February.  Worked with Canadian Attorney Alan Gold to forward a full package with request for investigation to the US Justice Department.

Ø      US JD decline to investigate after two reports sent



¨      2001- March.  After much harassment by Colorado through phone, mail and ultimately the Canadian Justice system over the issue of child support, Harmon and Carolyn left Ontario, Canada


¨      2001- August.  Arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand to start a new life.


¨      2004- October.  Passport taken by American Embassy for back child support of over 1 million US dollars.




¨      2004- December.  Filed suit in the WWW Court of Public Justice for the restoration of Harmon’s parental rights and in class action for the rights of all familiys to be restored and for the massive amounts of fraud and embezzlement of the global assets of the Human Family "We the People", the Citizens of the World.



¨      2001- 2005.  Residing in New Zealand and continuing the effort to reach Harmon’s children while paying quarterly child support.


The above outline provides a brief history of this case and my story over a period of approximately 16 years. Within this web site are further details of my story and supporting documents with indexing corresponding to the dates and information contained herein.  This documentation is supplied from my personal files and is but a fraction of the supporting evidence available through attorneys involved in the cases, public court files and documents, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and individuals involved in the cases ranging from friends and business associates to politicians and principals of the business transactions referenced.  Much of my files and records have been confiscated by the Colorado Court system and made unavailable to me through an order prepared and executed by then attorney and now family court judge John Ciccolella and supported by El Paso County District Attorneys John Suthers and Jeanne Smith on November 4, 1997.




With all of the offences contained herein as committed against me and my family by the local, state and federal officials in the US, and the international officials through the Canadian government and the International Hague Commission, please keep in mind that the first focus in this entire effort is to insure the welfare and best interests of my children, Danielle, Isaac and Tyler Jon Wilfred and the children of the Human Family living in a continuous environment of abuse promoted by the state.









Harmon L. Wilfred






Harmon L. Wilfred