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Case History Section 1


1988 -  2000

 Case History Presentation Outline and Personal / NACDL Profiles


  • Case History
  • Personal Resume
  • William B Moffitt / President NACDL
  • NACDL Profile, Articles and News Release

Section 1 provides a copy of Harmon Wilfred's Case History starting in 1988 in the form of a letter dated July 8, 2000 presented to Mr. William B Moffitt, President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).  This Case History was presented to the US Justice Department in October, 2000.  Mr. Moffitt, having accepted a $10,000 USD retainer and accepted the case with the promise "he could never be influenced off the case by any government threats or coercion” did indeed mysteriously abandon the case.  After 6 weeks of not returning phone calls from Harmon or his Toronto attorney Alan Gold (Moffitt’s colleague and friend), Harmon realized that Moffitt, like many before him, had been “got to”. 
Ironically, on the NACDL website, it clearly states "You have fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  Know your rights.  Exercise them".


Included is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s article from the website of the NACDL stating, “The war on crime has become a war on the Bill of Rights.” Also attached is a NACDL News Release entitled "Winning at Any Cost: Prosecutorial Excess Distorting America's Justice System". The Gazette article quotes the 5 part series by Ken Armstrong and Maurice Possley called  “Trial and Error: How Prosecutors Sacrifice Justice to Win” which focuses on prosecutorial misconduct depicting prosecutors giving false evidence and violating constitutional rights to win cases, thus themselves committing felonies and sending innocent people to prison and sometimes death row. The NACDL News Release is a composite report of investigative reporters across America documenting criminal activity on the part of prosecutors on the local, state and federal level flagrantly violating the very constitution and laws they are sworn to defend.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 1:




Pg       1          Case History / Presentation Outline as sent to Bill Moffitt


Pg       14        Resume' of Harmon Wilfred 


Pg       1-2       Resume of Bill Moffitt


Pg       2-10     National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers website articles and News Release

                         regarding Prosecutorial Excess






1.                  Bill Moffitt was initially very positive about the case and the children so why did he abandon the case? Who influenced him / who got to him?

2.                  Did DA John Suthers’ influence reach as far as silencing the President of the NACDL or was the influence from higher up the political ladder?

3.                  How sick is the US Justice System when even the NACDL posts on their website news releases stating there are felonies being committed by prosecutorial attorneys who give false evidence and send innocent people to prison? As Harmon's case is definitely a case in point, why did Moffitt, as NACDL President, walk away from the very principals the NACDL is sworn to uphold?