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Case History Section 10


1998 - March 4

International Correspondence Campaign

  • Hague Commission Letter
  • American Embassy Letter
  • American Civil Liberties Union Letter
  • El Paso County, Colorado Social Services Letter

Section 10 provides copies of international correspondence in regard to the civil aspects of international child abduction as well as requests for help from the above named agencies. These letters were written by close friends,  Carolyn Dare and Donald Gilmore while Harmon was incarcerated in Canada. This section shows that Harmon’s arrest in Canada in February 1998, with no confirmed charges was bizarre to say the least.  The Canadian police were directed by the US justice Department to arrest and put him in a maximum security underground prison.  They could not tell him on what charge he was being arrested, except to say it was at the request of the US authorities.  The US authorities were given sixty days to confirm charges or release Harmon. Cruelly, as Harmon was preparing for his release on day sixty the charges were confirmed based upon false evidence.



Index of  PDF Documents in Case History Section 10:




Pg       1          Letters to Don Gillmore from the Ministry of the Attorney General, Canada. 

Pg       3          Letter and documentation to Mrs. Anderson, US Embassy, Canada 

Pg       4          Letter to Ambassador Gordon D Griffin, US Ambassador to Canada 

Pg       5          Letter to the Colorado Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union 

Pg       13        Letter from Michael D Bellows, Consul General, U S Embassy, Canada  

Pg       14        Letter to Colorado Dept. of Social Services re the safety of Harmon’s children.





1        Why did the police not read Harmon his rights when he was arrested and how was it possible that the Canadian Police could put him in a maximum security prison for 60 days without having confirmed charges?

2        Who interfered with what appeared to be normal and successful custody negotiations through Phil Freytag, a professional mediator and family friend, to turn this into a criminal extradition case?

3        Who used Dearna as a pawn and kept moving her as far as California to avoid her having to testify or be deposed, or indeed to reveal her emotional instability?

4        How could the Hague Commission, any social service agency or US official ignore information and affidavits of child abuse and do nothing?

5        How could anyone in any justice system equate professional mediation for property and custody issues to extortion where shared custody and a 50/50 property arrangement were the agreed terms?  Was the phrase "criminal extortion" thrown into the charges by DA's Suthers and Smith simply to justify an international extradition and get a quick result before anyone discovered their hidden agenda of retribution?