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Case History Section 11


1998 - May 12

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage - Dearna Wilfred

Final Orders

Section 11 provides court documentation with regard to the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage and Final Orders in the Dearna divorce case.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 11:




Pg       1          Civil Action No 97 DR 3393   District Court, El Paso County, Colorado.

                        Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

Pg       4          Civil Action No 97 DR 3393   District Court, El Paso County, Colorado, Final Orders









  1. How is it possible for Final Orders to be set in the second Wilfred divorce trial while Harmon Wilfred was still incarcerated in a maximum security underground prison in Canada on charges that this same court had issued? Was this to insure that he could not attend or was it designed to lure him into DA’s Smith and Suthers’ trap by using his divorce case and his children as bait?
  2. Is it legal and proper for the court to use the prior divorce permanent orders to set the final orders in this divorce case when there was a gap of eight years between them and changes in circumstance?
  3. How could final orders be set without any evidence of employment or earnings status of Harmon Wilfred having been presented?
  4. How could the Hague Commission, any social service agency or US official ignore information and affidavits of child abuse and do nothing?
  5. With all of the attention being given to Harmon's incarceration and the ex parte orders rendered against him, what about the best interests of his children? From the time they were swept off the street in an unmarked van in Canada, no one has asked the question except Harmon and his wife Carolyn, “What about the Children?”