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Case History Section 13


1998 - July 6

Release From Canadian Incarceration

Immigration Employment Restrictions while on Bail

Section 13 provides the legal document from Immigration Canada upon Harmon’s release on bail from the underground maximum security prison in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada after a total of 120 days of incarceration.  This document states the conditions and employment restrictions placed on Harmon Wilfred with regard to his residing in Canada in order to fight the family court related extradition charges. 


Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 13:


Pg       1          Waterloo-Wellington Immigration Centre document.





  1. How could Harmon pay his accumulating child support when the US Authorities had him arrested and incarcerated for child custody charges which on release prevented him from working in Canada while fighting the same extradition charges?
  2. This became double jeopardy as the second final orders were issued based upon the first and Harmon was still prohibited from working in Canada while he exercised his right to remain in Canada and prove his case.  Is this fair?
  3. Is it normal for an international extradition to take place on custody issues?  Alan Gold, Harmon’s extradition attorney did not think so when he asked Harmon the question, “Who the hell did you P--- off in the US to rate extradition for custody issues?  This is highly unorthodox!”