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Case History Section 15


1998 - Fall

Affidavits, Including Maternal Child Abuse, Submitted in Dearna Wilfred Case

Section 15 provides twelve sworn affidavits regarding the child abuse the children suffered when in the care of their mother, Dearna Wilfred.  These legal documents, including affidavits from a registered Colorado social worker and the children’s nanny, were submitted to El Paso County Court Judge Kane in the initial hearing by Harmon’s attorney but were never allowed to be entered into evidence. Judge Kane also did not allow testimony toward Dearna’s child abuse from witnesses present at the hearing. Not only did the court give custody to an unstable mother who was registered as a child abuser, but Judge Kane also ultimately prevented Harmon from ever seeing his children again. Is it a surprise that he stepped out of the case after doing his damage in this first hearing?



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 15:



Pg       1 – 29       Twelve sworn affidavits of Dearna Wilfred’s child abuse submitted to the court.     


Pg       10              Ticket regarding proof of Harmon's ignorance of the order to attend the emergency hearing






  1. How is it possible that sworn affidavits submitted to the court are not permitted in evidence when each one of them including those from the social worker and the nanny describe the child abuse the children suffered at the hands of the mother?
  2. How is it possible for a court to not only ignore such evidence and give custody to the mother, but also to cause an ultimate ban from the father ever seeing his children again when it was the mother who was the abusive threat to the children, not the father?
  3. Judges are required by law to come to decisions with the ‘best interests of the children uppermost at all times,’ so why did Judge Kane return the children to an abusive situation without hearing any of the evidence or witnesses regarding child abuse present in the emergency hearing.
  4. Were DA’s Suthers and Smith so intent on political retribution for Harmon blowing the whistle on their cover-up of the El Paso County embezzlement scheme, that the children became acceptable casualties in their battle for revenge?