Adobe Acrobat Document Evidence re Clinton to Ken Starr, Copy to Congress
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Case History Section 17


1999 - March 18

Urgent Letter and Package Couriered to Kenneth Starr

Section 17 provides the correspondence to US legal representatives reporting potential criminal activity, explaining Harmon’s difficult situation and asking for assistance.  The urgent package to Kenneth Start as Special Prosecutor was specifically directed towards an investigation of President Clinton’s role in this entire scenario.




Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 17



Pg       1 – 3                Letter to Kenneth Starr                    

Pg       4                      Letter to Katie Orr, Kirkland Ellis

Pg       12                    Letter to Senator Trent Lott

Pg       13                    Letter to Congressman Dennis Hastert







  1. Why in all these cases, did the authorities not do anything about assisting Harmon in rescuing his children from legalized kidnapping and child abuse, when they had it in their power to do so?
  2. Are the government and judicial systems in the USA so corrupt that there is no protection or assistance for innocent children or honest citizens?