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Case History Section 18


1999 - April 16

Letter And Referenced "Kenneth Starr" Evidence Package Sent To Canadian Security Intelligence Service

  • Copy to Office of Congressional Affairs
  • Copy to Congressman Dennis Hastert
  • Copy to Senator Trent Lott

Section 18 documents the letter to Mr. Bill Bauer of the Canadian Securities Intelligence Service (The Canadian equivalent of the CIA) requesting political asylum in Canada with copies to key US officials.  The letter accompanied the package of detailed information regarding the report to Kenneth Starr with respect to Clinton’s involvement in the Mitsubishi note transaction.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 18:



Pg       1 - 2                Letters to Bill Bauer, William Ratchford, Office of Congressional Affairs,

Pg       3 - 4                Letters to Senator Trent Lott, and Congressman Dennis Hastart.







1                    Again Harmon’s requests for assistance fell on deaf ears. Why?

2                    Who was influencing their decisions?

3                    Are the government and judicial systems in Canada so tied to the USA’s corrupt systems that they too would deliberately ignore the plight of two innocent children?