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Case History Section 19


1999 - August 11

Search Warrant for Collin Finn's Apartment / DA's Mitsu Note Investigation Docs

Section 19 provides the Search Warrant for Collin Finn’s residence, person and car.  Collin was Harmon’s long standing friend and fellow investigator in DA’s John Suthers and Jeanne Smith’s participation in the El Paso County Pension Fund Embezzlement Scheme. This “search” was purported to be in relation to the Mitsubishi Note deal where the authorities were trying to prove the authenticated note to be fraudulent and thus incriminate those working to sell it.   In actual fact, the documents taken in these searches were ones directly related to Suthers’ and Smith’s involvement in the cover-up of the Pension Fund embezzlement.  An entire file box of Mitsubishi note documentation sitting in plain sight was untouched.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 19



Pg       1          Search Warrant for the search of Collin Finn’s properties and person.

Pg       2          Application and Affidavit for the Search Warrant

Pg       3          Report from the Investigator as a result of the search

Pg       10        Inventory of seized items

Pg       13        Letter from Dale Parrish to the DA’s Office 







  1. When Collin Finn communicated to the DA that he was prepared to fully cooperate with any and all investigations regarding the Mitsubishi transaction, why was it necessary to get a warrant, break in to his apartment when he was not present, confiscate unrelated evidence to the warrant (The Suthers / Smith pension fund embezzlement cover-up investigation documents) and take his business computer?
  2. Who was responsible for making the Mitsubishi Note sale public? Why was an entire box of Mitsubishi Note information left behind and all of the evidence of the DA Suther’s / Smith Fund embezzlement cover-up taken and not even listed in the evidence inventory?
  3. Was it a coincidence that this search took place the day after Harmon’s attorney, Dale Parrish attended a meeting with DA Jeanne Smith and Deputy DA Bob Harward and threatened them with the use of the connection between the charges and Harmon’s having blown the whistle on the DA’s cover-up of the Fund embezzlement as Harmon’s affirmative defense?