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Case History Section 2



Divorce Case - Sandra Wilfred

  • Sandra Mediation Prep
  • 1989 Divorce Pleadings
  • Sandra Re: Fraud and Theft

Case History Section 2 provides legal documentation in regard to the 1989 Sandra Wilfred Divorce Permanent Orders as well as initial divorce pleadings.  Also in this section is a copy of a complaint filed against Harmon’s ex-wife, Sandra Wilfred (AKA Sandra Allen) and his partner Thomas Jones, for the Fraud and Theft of Regatta Infant Care Inc. by illegal conversion. Regatta Infant Care Inc. was a 5,000 square foot infant care centre in one of Harmon's then shopping centres owned 50% by Mr. Jones and 50% by Harmon.  Sandra was an officer of the corporation but not a stock holder.  This documentation is also attached to the more recent letters of discussion with Harmon's attorney Dale Parish, in February 2000, as to the opportunity of mediating a more fair result of the original orders.  A key to these negotiations was the income obtained by Sandra Allen over the previous 10 years from her assisting Jones in the illegal conversion of Harmon's stock and the use of this conversion by Sandra to obtain a fully occupied 10,000 square foot day care centre from Jones of which Harmon believes she has owned, managed and profited during this period.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 2:




Pg       1          Letter to attorney Dale Parrish for re-negotiation of Permanent Orders

Pg       4          Letter to Elaine Edinburg re pleadings / offer of marriage settlement

Pg       9          Letter to Elaine Edinburg – financial statement

Pg       14       Complaint relating to the theft of Regatta Infant Care Case No.  93CV1258   

                        District Court County of Arapahoe USA








1       Harmon offered settlement in 1989 in his letter to his ex- wife’s attorney Elaine Edinburg and also provided a full and honest assessment of his income and assets so why did Edinburg ignore his attempts to settle?

2        How can a person obtain the assets from a company still owned by a 50% shareholder and set up a new corporation – Real Life Vision Inc-  and put those assets into the new corporation without committing fraud and theft?

3        As the shares in Regatta Infant care were stolen by Harmon's partner Tom Jones and Sandra, and the proceeds applied toward the purchase of a day care center for Sandra, would it be fair to deduct Harmon’s cumulative child care arrearages from the amounts that Sandra has earned from this stolen asset over the last 14 years?