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Case History Section 20


1999 - November 13

Gregory Craig Meeting in Toronto, Ontario

  • Parrish and Sears Correspondence
  • Gregory Craig's e-mail and fax correspondence with Harmon and Carolyn

Section 20 details the reasons for the meeting with Gregory Craig who came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to meet with Harmon.

Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 20:


Pg       1          Letter to Dale Parrish reporting on the meeting with Gregory Craig.

Pg       4          Letter from Dale Parrish to attorney Lance Sears

Pg       6          Email to Craig’s assistant, Catie re the meeting in Toronto with Harmon.

Pg       7          Follow-up correspondence to Gregory Craig in regard to their meeting

Pg       9          Letter from Carolyn Wilfred to Gregory Craig

Pg       10        Email from Gregory Craig

Pg       12        Fax to Gregory Craig c/o Catie Forrest

Pg       14        Email from Gregory Craig

Pg       16        Letters to Gregory Craig                 





  1. Considering Gregory Craig is President Bill Clinton’s personal attorney, what was his hidden agenda in meeting with Harmon?
  2. Given new strategies the DA’s office in Colorado kept coming up with major obstacles to make it impossible for Harmon to see his children or confront the bogus criminal / custody charges. Due to the number of times he was incarcerated as a result of their vendetta in attempting to confront the charges, how did Gregory Craig envisage that Harmon could make peace with his country?
  3. What was in this for Gregory Craig?  Who was he protecting, as if we could not guess?
  4. Given Carolyn's pleas of help for Harmon's children to Hillary Clinton both through Craig and Carolyn's direct correspondence, how could it be that a person of Hillary's position, and given her propensity toward children's issues, why is it that she never deemed to reply?  This is especially concerning with the evidence of child abuse and the involvement of local, state and international officials in this travesty.