Adobe Acrobat Document Affirmative Evidence of Harmon's Innocence
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Case History Section 21


1999 - 2000 Nov - Mar

Report and Affidavit re: Affirmative Evidence and Witness Interviews In Co-operation With El Paso County Deputy DA, Bob Harward

  • Parrish Letter to Deputy DA, Harward
  • Dale Parrish’s Affidavit Status Report
  • Critical Evidence Attachments

Section 21 provides affirmative evidence in the form of witness Interviews and sworn affidavits in the Wilfred / Dearna Divorce Case No 97 DR 3393.  


Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 21:



Pg      1-2      Letter from Dale Parrish to the DA requesting dismissal of the charges

Pg      3-7      Parrish Affidavit report and affirmative defense submission with attachments    

Pg      8          Attachment:  Letter to Dearna Wilfred from Attorney, Seymour Wheelock

Pg      9-10    Attachment: Mediation letter from professional mediator Freytag to Dearna Wilfred

Pg      11        Attachment: Letter to Dale Parrish from former Deputy DA Bill Aspinwall

Pg      15        Attachment: Affidavit from Colorado Social Worker Jenene Kelly.        





  1. Given Dale Parrish’s status report and affirmative defense affidavit with attachments, as well as Deputy DA Bob Harward’s proposal to DA Jeanne Smith to drop the charges, why was Smith so intent on continuing this case?
  2. How is it possible that Harmon and Carolyn spent in excess of $400,000 Canadian dollars on attorneys in this case and never got the opportunity to step foot in a court room to confront the charges?
  3. Why is it that every attorney placed on this case from Colorado to Washington DC, and there were nine of the so called best the United States has to offer, started out enthusiastic and committed to the case until they made contact with the El Paso County DA and/or the US Justice Department? 
  4. How could it be that every attorney retained in the US except one, either quit the case in process, betrayed the case and had to be dismissed or became conveniently dysfunctional and continued to charge for their services? 
  5. Eight out of nine attorneys were either fired or they abandoned the case after totally failing to perform or accomplish anything of substance. How could they ethically leave Harmon and Carolyn with no offence, an incomplete or no defense, and in most cases exorbitant additional bills outstanding?