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Case History Section 23


2000 - April 5 Colorado Bail and Bond Agreement from El Paso County
  • Return Date to Colorado of May 11, 2000
  • Receipt for Bond Payment

Section 23 provides the Appearance Bond and receipts for the bail amount of US $10,000. In addition to this amount, Harmon was forced to agree to pay for his extradition travel expenses for himself and his Federal Marshal and Colorado Springs police escorts, even though it was the DA’s office who reneged on the original deal and forced Harmon into being escorted to Colorado in handcuffs and chains.


Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 23:




Pg       1          Appearance Bond documentation

Pg       3          Bond receipt and attached further date confirmation






  1. Who ordered the Federal Marshal escort and Harmon’s further arrest upon his arrival in Colorado, totally against the agreement made with DA Bob Harward? Bob Harward was visibly angry at the expense, and blamed Harmon for this change in plans.
  2. Was it the same person who made such an order that also set Harmon up with additional federal charges, also in violation of the Hague Commission Treaty?