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Case History Section 24


2000 - May 10 - 26

Federal Arrest for Non-Payment of Child Support

Order Dismissing The Complaint

Section 24 provides the PDF Court docket records for May 10, 25 and 26, 2000 as well as the Court Order Dismissing the Federal Complaint for Non-Payment of Child Support.  Criminal non-payment was defined as $5,000 or more in arrears over the last 1 year period.  With the extradition charges against Harmon from El Paso County, he was either in jail or prohibited from working during the extradition proceeding in Canada, so of course he could not pay the ridiculous $10,500 per month for the judgments from two counties accumulating for at least the previous 18 months.   Was this entire scenario a set up from the beginning?  Harmon retained Colorado attorney Dale Parrish to re-open both family court cases and arrange for his court appearances and mediation in both counties. At the time of the federal arrest, both cases were in process and one in mediation.  Therefore, this latest federal police/arrest action was not only a violation of the Hague Commission Treaty, but also in direct contravention to the best interests of Harmon’s ex-wives and his children. What was the point?

In the mean time the federal charge was yet another charge and complaint that was in direct violation of the Hague Commission Treaty. This was an Arapahoe County issue perpetrated by DA Larry Bowling who had already been reprimanded the previous month for making such an attempt at detaining Harmon with charges other than the El Paso County extradition charges.  Harmon believes that El Paso County DA Jeanne Smith actually persuaded Bowling and the Federal prosecutor to do her dirty work in diverting Harmon away from his court hearing at the very doorway of the family Court in El Paso County, continuing to keep the original bogus charges from being challenged.  In the process Jeanne Smith in league with Arapahoe County DA Larry Bowling added an additional Hague Commission Treaty Violation to the Federal credit which caused a Federal Judge to have to step in and seal the court record to avoid an international diplomatic incident between Canada and the US. With respect to any diplomatic protest and/or intent to file suit against the US Federal Government, Harmon felt that the Federal Government had also been taken in by John Suthers' and Jeanne Smith's tactics, and therefore may be willing to assist in exposing this corruption.  This is reflected in the attached PDF letter re Diplomatic Strategy date June 8, 2000.  Unfortunately, his faith in his country continued to be a false hope.



Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 24:



Pg       1-2          Court Order Dismissing Federal Complaint for violation of the International Treaty.

Pg       1-3          May 10, 2000 Court Docket

Pg       1-4          May 25, 2000 Court Docket

Pg       1              May 26, 2000 Court Docket

Pg       1             Diplomatic Strategy Letter, new hope?






1.      Did the involvement of the Federal attorney in the charges that would obviously violate the International Hague Treaty, indicate that DA’s Suthers and Smith now had an accomplice in Washington DC?

2.      Was it a coincidence that Harmon had only just been to see Gregory Craig, Clinton's Washington attorney, with his damaging federal evidence a few months earlier and then these federal charges appeared?

3.      Is Harmon's local, state and federal conspiracy theory now coming into view?