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Case History Section 27


2000 - September 18

Supplement to Case History, Conspiracy Theory, 3 Way Advantage

  • Family Court Case, Dearna Wilfred Concluded for now
  • Criminal Case, Dearna Wilfred, Custody Charges, Pending
  • Family Court Case , Sandra Wilfred Concluded for now
  • Criminal Case, Sandra Wilfred, Child Support and Maintenance -Dismissed and Sealed
  • Mitsubishi Note Investigation- Concluded, no wrong doing

Section 27 contains a letter to Canadian attorney Alan Gold with a full analysis of the past cases involving Harmon Wilfred which clearly connects these cases to the point of making the conclusion of conspiracy.  From the time Harmon was released from the Federal prison on May 31, 2000, as a result of the Hague Commission Treaty Violation, he began putting the evidence and the pieces together to confirm his theory of collusion at all levels of his case.  As stated in his analysis, it is important to have reviewed the original Case History through Section 26 before you embark on reading this supplement.  In this analysis, Harmon shows clear connections with all matters local, state and federal matters leading back to DA's Jeanne Smith and John Suthers, even to the extent of tying together Gregory Craig, President Bill Clinton and Washington agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (see Section 7) directly to actions taken by the El Paso County DA. 

In all of the legal challenges that have befallen him as a result of the corruption he has exposed in the Colorado legal system as well as the exposure of the CIA's Mitsubishi note transaction that has seemed to upset some very high level people, Harmon Wilfred has never had anything to hide.  He has always stepped forward to provide all of his information at all levels, but it seems that no one wants to know the truth at any level.  Please read the Supplement carefully and follow the conclusions through the entire analysis. Harmon's first and foremost focus has always been for his children's well being, however the political / justice systems seem to always have their focus on whether or not Harmon is the "bad guy".  "Oh what a tangled web they weave when at first they do deceive".  The real emphasis beyond his children in all of Harmon's efforts has always been to get some honest and forthright agency or individual in the political power structure to launch an investigation and bring out the entire truth in this conspiracy against his family and indeed the American Family.

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Pg       1-2        Introduction 

Pg       2-7        Dearna Cases  

Pg       7-11      Sandra Cases  

Pg      11-15     Misubishi Investigation

Pg      15-17     Conclusion




  1. Why have all government agencies including, the El Paso County DA, the Colorado State Attorney General, Office of Congressional Affairs, or the US Justice Department, refused to investigate?
  2. Even though Harmon's first emphasis has always been on his children's safety and well being, why the diversion from all of these agencies away from the children's best interests? Has the US forgotten their first responsibility toward family and children, especially as there has never been any real substance to any of the charges against Harmon?