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Case History Section 3


1990 - June 4 - Nov 8, 1990

Suits Filed for Civil Rights Violations / Bankruptcy

  • Wilfred VS Wilfred et al, Civil Rights, June 4, 1990
  • Wilfred VS 18th Judicial District, Judge Steinhardt, October 25, 1990
  • Court Docket Case Record, Civil Rights Case
  • Wilfred Bankruptcy, Court Docket

Section 3 provides a full copy of the Complaint filed in regard to the civil rights violations committed against Harmon Wilfred during the Sandra Wilfred divorce proceeding from 1989 through 1990 presided over by the 18th Judicial District Court of Colorado and Judge Joyce Steinhardt, the head judge for the district and the presiding judge in these family court matters.  The complete Transcript Section window at the top left of this page next to the Case History window covers the entirety of the divorce proceedings referenced in this complaint.  You will find the content of these transcripts a drama that you cannot put down and will never forget.  Lawyers who have reviewed the transcripts have been quoted as saying that civil and constitutional rights violations could not happened in any court room in the USA .... and yet they acknowledge.... it did.  Also contained within this page are PDF copies of the record of filings for the original civil rights case filed in June 1990, the October 1990, complaint filing and Harmon's bankruptcy case with Jeffrey Hill, the federal bankruptcy attorney.

Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 3:


Pg       1          Wilfred v 18th Judicial District, Civil Rights, June 4, 1990, Court Docket


Pg       1-2       Outline of Constitutional Rights Violations in Complaint

Pg       3-41    The Complaint, Civil Action no. 90-1892, Wilfred v !8th Judicial District


Pg       1-4       Wilfred v 18th Judicial District, Case Dismissal, Nov 08,1990


Pg       1-2       Wilfred v 18th Judicial District, Oct 25, 90, Court Docket


Pg       1           Bankruptcy Case Docket, 90-01505, re Wilfred Case- 89-8827


 Additional PDF’s are one page each and are self explanatory in their titles.




  1. How is it possible that the Constitution of the United States of America can be ignored / overruled in the family court without a federal remedy when rights are violated?
  2. How is it possible that Judge Steinhardt could incarcerate Harmon for refusing to represent himself, then give permission for an illegal search of his home without a search warrant and without police attendance?
  3. How is it possible Judge Steinhardt could permit Harmon's home, files and even his safe to be broken into and destroyed by an opposing attorney during a trial, and also give permission for attorney client privilege documentation obtained in this illegal search to be submitted into evidence?
  4. How is it possible that Judge Steinhardt can submit her own personal psychological evaluation, “from a layman’s point of view”, without any professional testimony, pronouncing him "dangerous to himself and the public at large" and thereby eliminate his parental rights on that basis alone? Especially when the Judge did indeed have Harmon evaluated by a psychologist and a psychiatrist while he was incarcerated who found him normal, and she simply neglected to submit this information into evidence?
  5. How can a Federal Judge make a decision to dismiss a case for civil rights violations committed by Judge Steinhardt in a court room setting without ever seeing the evidence in the transcripts?  In fact, the court transcripts were deliberately kept from Harmon by Judge Steinhardt until his federal civil rights case against her was dismissed.