Part A:  Mitsubishi Transaction

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Part B: Mitsubishi Transaction

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Part C: Murder... the "M-Fund"

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Brendan Howley E-mail, 23 April, 2001
Adobe Acrobat Document Norbert Schlei and the M Fund, 21 Apr, 2003
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(N Schlei),Japan the US and the M-Fund, Japan Inc, 1 April, 2004
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E-mail 10 February, 2002
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Todt Family Killings Ruled Murder Suicide, 9-12 June, 2001
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BBC News, London, 21 Sep, 2003

 PDF Mar 6, 2005 FTR#501
         President George H. Bush Family 
         Connection to M-Fund

Part D: CIA/Todt Murder Evidence

"Sam" E-mails:

PDF Nov 12-Jan 16, 2008, First contact

PDF Jan 15-Apr 24, 2009

PDF Mar 12-May19, 2009

PDF May 19-May 23, 2009

PDF June 8-Sep 9, 2009

PDF Cross-over Time Line-1999-2009

PDF Dec0200, Craig Response

PDF Jan1200, Craig Response

PDF Cave Trust Ltr, Trans, IDs

Case History Section 7


1996 - 1997

Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo Japan, Note Transaction / Guatemalan Funding Evidence

  • Murder, the Mitsubishi Bank Note and the "M-Fund"- A 2007 Update
  • President George H. Bush Family Connection...and others - FTR#501 - A 2016 Update

Section 7 provides a full accounting and documentation in regard to the covert / CIA's Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo Japan, international bank note transaction as follows:  

  1. Imagine yourself being launched into the middle of a multi-billion dollar covert deal run by the US CIA with the opportunity to personally inspect much of the documentation, including e-mails and faxes between the agents and the key participants.  Here's your chance.  Imagine that!
  2. As you begin the review of this information, keep in mind that when the deal was exposed, the CIA denied any knowledge of or participation in the deal in writing.  Imagine that!
  3. When the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued the principals of the deal to stop them from continuing to work with a now officially declared "fraudulent" instrument, they severely punished the key players as wealthy heads of the international trusts, like Sergio Emanuel Arcineagas (AKA Shmmuel Emanuel Abijah Quijano) and Marilyn Perry, with a painful slap on the hand........  as long as they handed over the note.  Imagine that! 
  4. Sergio Emanuel Arcineagas, as a principal of a mega-billion dollar European trust  was fined a "whopping" US$75,000 for participating in this multi-billion dollar "scam".  Imagine that! 
  5. In the end, the SEC officially reported........  the note was lost.  Ohhhh.... Imagine that! 
  6. The CIA agents in the deal reported to Harmon that the note was not lost, but covertly converted to 15 Billion in US Treasury Bills to complete the deal, five billion over five years paid to Guatemala as agreed, and the balance unaccounted for.  This fact is documented in the evidence within this site.  Imagine that!
  7. Could the CIA be lying?  It would seem possible if their primary stock in trade is indeed their inherent right to lie.  The CIA are often quoted as having to lie as a necessary evil "in the interest of national security".  Imagine that! 
  8. It is also important to point out that the so called SEC declared “fraudulent” Mitsubishi Bank note was fully authenticated, according to information provided to Harmon by the CIA, by carbon dating by a museum curator, authentication by the Bank of International Settlement in Geneva, Switzerland and confirmed by the Central Bank of Japan and the US Federal Reserve Bank.  Imagine that!
  9. When the note was lodged with the US Federal Reserve to be funded, it was reported that President Clinton decided a deal of this magnitude on behalf of a foreign government had never been completed privately for security reasons; therefore he would personally take charge and announce the funding on behalf of the US Government.  Could President Bill Clinton have been lying about the notes authenticity?  Imagine that! . 

Murder, the Mitsubishi Note and the “M-Fund” - A 2007 Update

During Harmon’s two day NZ Refugee Status interview on 17 and 18 July, 2007 held in Christchurch, New Zealand (reference Case History Section 34), the interviewing officer provided some new and shocking information regarding the murder / suicide of the entire family of one of the principles of the Mitsubishi note transaction, Mr. Daniel Todt.  Mr. Todt allegedly murdered his wife and two teenage children and then killed himself on 9 June, 2001.  Although Mr. Todt was one of the principles in the Mitsubishi note deal, Harmon did not know him personally nor had he ever had any direct contact.  It was Harmon’s understanding received from CIA operative Michael Austin, that Todt was a contact brought into the deal by the CIA and ultimately connected to Trustee, Marilyn Perry of Bay State Trust to assist in the transaction.


E-mail from Brendan Howley, 23 April, 2001, “an interesting development” FYI In early 2001 while still in Canada, Harmon received some research on the Mitsubishi note transaction by e-mail from an independent Canadian journalist named Brendan Howley, whom he and Carolyn had met earlier in Ontario, Canada.  Mr. Howley was interested in the Mitsubishi note transaction story as this related to Mr. Norbert Schlei, former Assistant Attorney General of the United States under President John F Kennedy; and Mr. Schlei’s connection to what is now known as the “M-Fund” Mr. Howley’s research is quite compelling to show that Mr. Schlei had evidence to prove that the M-Fund with its ostensible cache of assets and international bank notes since derived from this fund were and are indeed real.  Mr. Schlei purportedly became an expert on the authentication of these assets and financial instruments; and as a result of his involvement with the M-Fund was criminally charged and convicted by the US Justice Department in the mid 1990’s for dealing in what was categorized as fraudulent instruments.  However, he was subsequently exonerated by appeal, although the US government has never been willing to disclose any of their secret documents further confirming the authenticity of the M-Fund.  Mr. Howley’s e-mail and a summary of Norbert Schlei’s political life and successes, as well as his odyssey with respect to the M-Fund is attached in the form of PDF’s posted in the left margin of this page along with the following summaries:


Norbert Schlei and the M-Fund, 21 April, 2003 – Mr. Schlei’s Obituary and Commentary by the Japanese Policy Research Institute.  As a “…highly successful trial and securities lawyer…”, it is difficult to imagine Mr. Schlei dealing in fake securities and in any case he was “completely exonerated after federal prosecutors conceded that there was a ‘possibility the instruments are valid’ and that Schlei had been wrongly prosecuted”. As you read through this entire article, please note the similarities with the Mitsubishi note. 

True lies, filthy and filthy rich, Japan, the US and the M-Fund – Japan Inc (, 1 April, 2004 - As amazing as Harmon’s personal story and experience may seem, with regard to the Mitsubishi note transaction as it relates to the CIA and fears for his personal safety and freedom; he truly believes this article shed’s some further light on the dangerous nexus between the M-Fund and it’s direct CIA connection where the authors of the book “Gold Warriors…”,  Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, provide a compelling note listing the “precautions they have taken should they be murdered”. The highlighting in this text not only points out the very real fear of murder, but also provides special emphasis again, on the similarities between the M-Fund and the CIA activities in Harmon’s case with regard to the Mitsubishi note transaction.

The following PDF summaries (also listed and attached in the left margin) offer a commentary regarding what Harmon believes can be shown as a direct nexus between the Mitsubishi note transaction, the M-Fund and the murder of the Todt family.


N. Schlei Reply to Attorney, John Rutherford, 10 Feb, 2002 – This PDF e-mail communication brings the M-Fund connection and Harmon’s grave concern for himself and his family’s personal safety and freedom full circle as Mr. Schlei points out his personal suspicions to Harmon’s New Zealand attorney, John Rutherford with regard to the Mitsubishi Note:  “…what’s involved here is Japan’s secret fund accumulated before and during World War II from occupied countries.  The United States has never admitted it exists for the very good reason that it profited greatly from the fund, which should have been but was not returned at war’s end to the people from whom it was stolen, and [the US CIA] has used the money for a great many purposes that will not stand the light of day…”


Ohio Family Found Shot to Death … Ruled Murder Suicide, 9 June and 12 June, 2001 - These are just two of the articles Harmon found to corroborate the information on the horrifying death of the Todt family.  Other articles on the web pointed out that Todt was fined up to $200,000 and was under disbarment as an attorney for tenaciously attempting to authenticate the Mitsubishi note. In spite of the SEC’s effort to punish Todt for his persistent attempts at authentication, he reportedly continued his determined effort to prove the note’s authenticity; as he was convinced at the time, as Harmon was and continues to be today; that the note was and is indeed real. Such had also been Harmon’s effort up to and during that same time frame; certainly not to transact or assist anyone to transact the note, but to expose the truth regarding the note’s source and authenticity by openly and officially attempting to present his evidence to the SEC, President Clinton’s attorney and even to the US Justice Department; all to no avail. Interesting that Todt and his entire family turned up dead on June 9, 2001. In March, 2001 Harmon and his wife Carolyn started receiving strange phone calls at their home in Ontario, Canada, including hang-ups and requests for their residence location for “package deliveries” that never came. Because of this and other unexplained harassments, Harmon and Carolyn left Ontario for Victoria, BC, Canada and subsequently were warned out of Victoria to Hong Kong by Chinese operatives who told them that the CIA were then looking for them outside of Ontario. They left for Hong Kong on June 30, 2001. This was three weeks after the Todt’s purported murder / suicide!  Harmon and Carolyn subsequently arrived in New Zealand from Hong Kong in August,11, 2001 without returning to Canada.


“Urban Myth” Exposed by Trial, 18 September, 2003 BBC – This BBC article is a report on the 2003 London, England fraud trial of Michael Slamaj and Graham Hawksworth with regard to an attempt to transact Japanese bank “bonds” in their possession.  These bonds were purportedly delivered to Daniel Todt (as a US middleman “who claimed to have links with the CIA or the Treasury” in June of 2001 who then immediately presented them to the West Virginia US Bureau of Public Debt office. “A few days later [June 9, 2001], Mr. Todt apparently shot dead his wife Rebecca and their children Nathaniel, 13 and Dominique, 16 at their home in Strongsville, Ohio, before turning the gun on himself…  He (Mr Slamaj) said the CIA had killed the previous person who had brought these (Federal Reserve) notes to the US Government.”


It was reported to the BBC in an interview with a Cleveland Bar association member who was pressing for Todt to be disbarred said that “He (Mr. Todt) was suffering from delusions … about Aliens from the planet Atlantis…”   This apparent on- the-spot hearsay story and psychological evaluation coming from another lawyer is hardly credible and certainly does not explain why Todt would logically go to the US Bureau of Public Debt to authenticate the bonds, and then allegedly kill his entire family and himself “a few days later”…

2016 UPDATE!

President George H. Bush Family Connection...and others 

In 1998 it was reported to Harmon by his Lichtenstein Trust contact transacting the Mitsubishi Bond that there that were unbelievable top world figures involved in setting up what he eventually found to be the independent CIA/Clinton black ops funding including President George H Bush (Director of the CIA in 1976-77 during the Iran Contra arms deals) and many more foriegn and domestic politicians and global financial giants. Recent research has uncovered an article by FTR Blog radio host and investigative reporter David Emory dated March 6, 2005, FTR #501 Norbert Schlei and the Strange Case of the "57's".  This report further confirms the connections long since reported in Harmon's story between the M-Fund, the Mitsubishi Bonds, Oliver North, the financing of the Iran Contra arms deals and now the Bush family and others. The Clintons discovered and took over this CIA "covert bank" funding operation personally in 1997 by exercising presidential authority over the US Federal Reserve. It should be no surprise that the Clintons' financial power and influence has soared since the end of Bill Clinton's second term as President. Imagine the unfettered power the Clintons' would have should they ever manage to retake the White House! 

In Harmon’s verbal account during the Refugee Status interview recorded by voice DVD, he told the officer about the phone call he had received from a named CIA Agent during the Mitsubishi transaction identifying himself as a past CIA “cleaner” and as such, in the event anything went wrong with an operation (coded “the problem”), the Agent’s assignment was to clean it up, or in other words go in and kill everyone involved with “the problem”. The Agent then demanded that Harmon immediately cease asking controversial questions as he stated, “curiosity killed the cat”. The e-mail warning Harmon had also received from Michael Austin through his then business partner, Collin Finn in April, 1998 while incarcerated in the underground maximum security Canadian prison made the Agent’s point even more poignant, “… the people that are involved won’t let the deal be blown by someone screwing up…. They will go so far as to eliminate the problem”.  Did Daniel Todt become a problem to the CIA as he persisted in his effort to authenticate and thereby expose the Mitsubishi bond publicly up to the time of his alleged suicidal death and the murder of his wife and law partner, Rebecca and their two teenage children?  

Although this latest research / evidence could be cast aside as circumstantial; up to the point that Daniel Todt and his entire family were found dead in their home; other than showing a lack of good judgment, even to the point of his willingness to openly defy the SEC authorities and the law to prove his point; there appears to be no credible evidence of aberrant behaviour to bring Todt’s sanity into question to the point of committing the alleged horrific murder / suicide of his entire family.  Harmon did not know the man or his family personally; however, he did know Marilyn Perry, the Trustee of Bay State Trust, very well and to this day he finds it impossible to believe that she would permit Mr. Todt into the Mitsubishi deal if he and his wife Rebecca (his attorney partner) were not credible people.

Index of PDF Documents in Case History Section 7 



Part A             The Mitsubishi Bank Note Transaction


Pg       1          Letter to Dale Parrish, regarding the Mitsubishi AIF Distribution Committee

Pg       3          Mitsubishi Fund questions and answers document

Pg       9          Pay order to Harmon's company from Marilyn Perry, Trustee Bay State Trust

Pg       10        Letter to James Marentette regarding Marilyn Perry

Pg       16        SEC case against the principals of the Mitsubishi Bank note transaction, Case 98CIV.3980

Pg       30        CIA agent Jorge Bryson statement in reply to SEC complaint dated June 5 1998 

Pg       38        Calendar of dates and events regarding the Mitsubishi bank note transaction




Part B             The Mitsubishi Bank Note Transaction


Pg       1-45     Mitsubishi bank note transaction Correspondence from August 1997 to November 1998


Part C             Murder, the Mitsubishi Bank Note and the "M-Fund"


Pg       1-6      An Interesting Development, FYI, 23 April, 2001 - Brendan Howley

Pg       1-3      Norbert Schlei and the M-Fund, 21 April, 2003

Pg       1-10    True Lies, filthy and filthy rich, Japan, the US and the M-Fund, 1 April, 2004

Pg       1-2      Ohio Family Found Shot to Death (Todt Family Killings)  9 June, 2001

Pg       1-4     "Urban Myth" Exposed by Trial, BBC News, London, 21 September, 2003 

Pg       1-17    The President GW Bush Family Connection - FTR #501, Norbert Schlei and the Strange Case of the "57's)  


  1. According to Harmon’s CIA contacts, as the information herein confirms, The Mitsubishi Bank Note had been authenticated and eventually converted into 15 billion in US Treasury Bills for disbursement, but Guatemala’s promised portion was only 5 billion US dollars paid over 5 years. Who received the 10 billion dollar balance?  As Clinton took charge of the deal in the end, would he know?
  2. What happened to the other 10 mega-billion dollar Central American Mitsubishi bank notes signed over to the CIA?  As the first note transacted was the smallest, could they have stopped at just one?
  3. Is it possible that the ultimate source of all of the attacks on Harmon and his children in the past 7 years is a conspiracy between the El Paso County, Colorado DA's Jeanne Smith, John Suthers and President Bill Clinton?  Do you think there would be enough money to go around?
  4. Was John Suthers in any way involved with Clinton in the Mitsubishi bank note transaction?  Was his knowledge of the covert Mitsubishi note deal related to his appointment as Federal Attorney for the State of Colorado?  This is especially odd considering he had previously lost the election for State Attorney General and was subsequently assigned as head of the state prison system.
  5. Based upon the new evidence and information presented herein, should the June, 2001 murder / suicide case of the Daniele Todt family  be re-opened for an investigation of the possible involvement of the CIA?
  6. With President George H. Bush allegedly involved along with other top global politicians, the obvious public bond formed between the Clinton's and the President George W. Bush's makes this story and the Clintons latest 2016 bid for the White House even more interesting. Are GW and Jeb leading the "Never Trump" movement in order to ensure the Clintons' success?