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Harmon Wilfred

My name is Harmon Wilfred, and today I am an international businessman and an honorably discharged US military veteran. In the 1980’s and 90’s I was a businessman in the United States, who through the course of my work as a professional contractor and consultant had occasion from time to time to interface with various county, state, and federal government agencies and corporations.

In the period from 1994 through 1997 while under contract with certain agencies including the CIA and indirectly, the Office of the President of the United States, I discovered massive fraud and embezzlement via high level political corruption against US citizens involving billions of dollars at multiple levels of government.  My efforts to expose this political corruption and criminal activity resulted in political retribution which caused unbelievable hardship for me, my children and my business.  

In November of 1999 I took my evidence of high level political corruption before President Bill Clinton, through his attorney, Gregory Craig, at a private meeting that took place in Toronto, Canada.  After examining and discussing my documented information, I was warned if I took this evidence to the US Justice Department and blew the whistle, "You will never see your children again". When I persisted, he patronized me with the additional response, Of course the system is corrupt... "What do you want me to do Harmon, get them all fired"?  My answer was and continues to be ...Yes!  He retorted, "My best advice is... Make peace with your government". 

I attempted for nearly a year to heed Craig's warning, however when all else failed and the political retribution led to false charges within my family court disputes followed by repeated incarcerations even to the documented violations of my International Hague Commission Treaty rights, and the total loss of my parental rights, I did indeed blow the whistle to the US Justice Department in October, 2000.  Even though the evidence I presented (which is included in this web site) was incontrovertible, it was clearly either ignored or completely rejected out of hand.  Since that time, I believe the agencies and individuals who have perpetrated these crimes have continued their involvement in the same fraud and embezzlement of billions of US tax payer's dollars virtually uninterrupted.


When the leadership of nations are found to be targeting the families of whistleblowers to hurt and discredit those who tell the truth, and as such to be so heinous as to continue to use my children and now even my wife as political pawns in an attempt to extort my silence while fattening their personal bank accounts and furthering their political careers...(this includes you John Key!) This is indeed the last straw!


Canadian Dare Food Heiress Left in Limbo, banned from New Zealand

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The Bells of Justice

 They tolled the bell; there was no sound

between the sky and shifting ground. 

The justice bell for liberty; the justice bell for you and me.

But justice does not always fall, the way it should on one and all.


When politics get in the way and little boys go out to play

with naughty friends who cheat and steal

and tracks and trails become concealed

with lies and schemes to hide their acts;

those lies and schemes become the facts

when spun like tops the truth to hide,

take truth and freedom for a ride.


When power and money scream out loud

to drown the truth and stop the crowd
of people calling, ”rights ignored!”

by this deceitful planned accord,

what hope have we who place them high,

their lies and schemes we're asked to buy.


These leaders in their posts of power,
we’re hoping for their finest hour

to serve us justice, uphold the truth

instead of hiding all the proof.


Those justice bells should in their peals,
all the facts and truth reveal.


But sound distorted, muffled, wrung,

is sound discordant- Devil’s tongue.

Thus innocents like you and me
can lose their right to liberty,

when questions raised point fingers long

exposing those who do us wrong.


Cathy Baker